Counselling for Cancer

A diagnosis of cancer can be emotionally draining. Emotions such as fear, isolation and anger can leave you feeling desolate but sharing your feelings can help you and those around you. It is devastating news and the long road to recovery can feel exhausting but no-one needs to go through cancer alone.

Cancer Counselling

Counselling for Cancer in London, Exeter and the UK

Fundamental questions such as “will I survive” and the overwhelming feeling that “I’m scared” are often ones that you find difficult to discuss with family and friends. Talking to a counsellor may help you to explore and overcome these powerful feelings. Direct Counselling – based in Exeter, offers online counselling for cancer in London, Exeter and the UK. Skype Counselling sessions are a new & great alternative to face-to-face sessions – but these are also available at Direct Counselling.

Life with cancer is still life and your counsellor can facilitate understanding and communication with those close to you and cope with depression, anxiety and isolation. Suffering from cancer can give rise to a rollercoaster of emotions. Managing these challenging feelings, and re-adjustment after treatment finishes, can be explored in a safe and supportive environment with your counsellor.

If you are someone who is close to a person with cancer, counselling may help you cope with your own feelings, without “burdening” your loved one with how this has affected you. Discussing these concerns with a counsellor can enable you to support your loved one through this emotionally draining time. Take the first step. Get in touch with Robin today to discuss availability for an initial consultation and regular cancer counselling sessions.