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Providing it does not interrupt client work or compromise their confidentiality, some of the therapists at Direct Counselling are available for media commentary. Please email us with your request.

Counselling is a talking therapy which finds ways to deal with emotional issues. This will guide you to more effective and satisfying ways of living life.

Counselling enables you to gain a fresh perspective, an understanding of your issues and teaches you coping strategies.

Your counsellor will listen with compassion and support you without judging or criticising. It can be easier to talk to a counsellor than a friend or family member because your counsellor isn’t personally involved in your situation.

Counselling can help with everyday issues as well as distressing or traumatic events which can occur in life. Confidence and work-life balance can also be improved by counselling. It can help you develop a better understanding of yourself and others, thus enabling you to make positive choices in your life.

During a session you will explore your feelings about your problems. Your counsellor will make sure they fully understand and empathise with you. Frequently there are silences which help you reflect. Sometimes the therapist will give “homework” to do between sessions. Whatever you say in these sessions is confidential (subject to legal and ethical exceptions). There is no “typical” counselling session because it’s a very personal process. Your counsellor will set an agenda and review progress.

The effectiveness of your sessions depends on your relationship with your counsellor. You have to have confidence in their ability to deeply connect with your feelings and emotions. A willingness to put in time and commitment is also essential to achieve change and sustainable progress. It’s not always easy but it can be so rewarding. A counsellor believes that you have the answers and strength within you. As a team, we can find solutions to your challenges and help you achieve a fully functioning life of wellness, nourishment and joy.